About Me

I am a Certified Massage Therapist in Ontario and Quebec and have been practising massage for 14 years. My background is in dance, and I enjoy running, swimming and yoga.


Since I was a teenager, I had an interest in alternative health care. In 1995, I enrolled in a program in Toronto that included courses in reflexology, aromatherapy, herbs, homeopathy and Reiki. As a result, in 1998 I entered the Sutherland-Chan School & Teaching Clinic where I studied Swedish massage for two years. During this time, I took an advanced course in lymphatic drainage, deep connective tissue work, and specialized work with dancers, senior citizens and HIV/Aids patients. I also worked in a Neurological Clinic and a Pregnancy Clinic during this time.


In 2001, I moved to Montreal and began working at the McGill Sports Medicine Clinic for 6 years with a team of doctors, physiotherapists, athletic therapists and osteopaths. Treating athletes and the general public in a clinical setting was our specialty.


During my time at McGill, I took many different massage courses and became certified as an advanced Shiatsu therapist. In 2006, I started my own business and began a life changing journey through travelling with a wonderful family as their personal massage therapist.


My latest adventure happened three years ago, when I took a yoga teacher training course at Centre Luna Yoga. My passion for yoga began 12 years ago with instructor Melissa Wall. On a physical level, yoga felt similar to dance, and like massage, it is another tool for preventative care and body awareness. Yoga has brought much joy and balance into my life. I am happy to say I became a certified instructor in April 2012.


If you need a date that is not available online please feel free to email me and double check.